How Does Google Knowledge Graph Affect SEO? What Can You Do to Get onto it?

google knowledge graph seo

Have you ever been amazed when you Google-search a term and find all useful information on the top of the search page itself? You might have, more than once, when you did not know about Google’s Knowledge Graph. The search engine’s knowledge base gathers all key information about an entity or a thing from different sources on the web.

The Google Knowledge Graph is replete with multi-billion facts on a wide range of topics on people, things, and places. It enables the search engine to give accurate and instantaneous answers to all users’ queries without clicking on any link on the search page. For this reason, many business and website owners are looking at the graph as a wonderful medium to reach out to many people and promote their business. They are investing their time and energy and even taking the help of professional SEO services to enable them to appear on the graph.

But does Google Knowledge Graph Affect SEO?

With a robust knowledge graph, Google will answer all the questions (or most of them) on the search engine page itself. This can lower the traffic to your website as most potential visitors get the relevant information without even visiting your site. So is it worth investing time, money, and efforts in building a knowledge graph?

The answer is yes. Once Google or other search engines have all your key information, they are more likely to see you as a reliable entity. They will place you on top of the search engine results and present your information in the form of rich snippets and Knowledge Panels. When your website is listed on top, it will get more clicks from visitors who are looking for more detailed information or want to do business with you.

What can you do to get your content on the Knowledge Graph?

The persons or entities found on Google’s Knowledge Graph have all useful and relevant information available about them all over the internet. You can get in their league by taking some or all of the following steps.

Sign up to Google My Business and, if possible, create a Wikipedia page

If you are a business owner, create a Google My Business page and enter all business information. The most crucial information includes name, address, phone number, other contact details, working hours, website, and social media link. You can also consider creating a Wikipedia page. It will be easier if there are some coverage and external sources linked to your business. A professional SEO services company can help you create a Wikipedia page for your business.

Use schema markup

Search engines use markup language to identify content on web pages. Schema markup is a widely-used language that you can use to tag your content so that Google and other search engines can understand it better. You need to have some technical knowledge to use the markup language. You can learn it or assign the task to an expert who can do that effectively for you. Using schema can enable you to get rich snippets, a knowledge panel, and appearing in non-branded queries.

Create high-quality content

This is the most crucial step in building a robust knowledge graph. Google and other search engines focus on giving their users all the information they want efficiently and effectively. They search for the most useful and precise content to give their users the most valuable information in less time. Creating crisp and valuable content with the right keywords, meta description, meta title, and other SEO tactics will increase your chance of appearing on the Google Knowledge Graph. You can consider taking the help of professional SEO services to craft content that will rank higher and provide valuable information to readers.

Edit and format

Google puts more focus and value on the content useful to its human readers and not to its crawlers or algorithm. After creating high-quality content, when you invest time to edit and format it for better readability, Google is more likely to put it on its Knowledge Graph. You should create content that explains your business, concept, or people in a single sentence. It should have supplemental information of over 1200 words. You should link the content to related pages and add pictures, videos, or graphics representing your topic.

Update your content

Once you have created some excellent content, you will need to update it regularly to be relevant with time. You can also look at other websites’ content and understand what sets them apart. Also, go through your content periodically and find out what information you can add and what you can edit or delete.

Promote your content

After you have an excellent website filled with all valuable information about your business and products and services, you can consider promoting it on the search engine itself. You can submit the URL to Google and promote your website on social media. You can also take the help of a professional SEO services company that can generate some buzz for your website before it begins to rank. When Google’s spiders crawl into your page, they will see the high-quality content you have created. It is likely to get onto the Knowledge Graph if it explains your concept succinctly and is user-friendly enough.

Stay active and consistent on social media platforms

When you are active on social media platforms and constantly posting updates about your business and adding more followers and subscribers, it will help you get onto the Google Knowledge Graph. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are a few top sources for the Google Knowledge Graph. When you have a sizable following and subscriber base, Google will see you as a reputable and reliable figure and make space for you to appear on the coveted spot.

In summary,

Google’s Knowledge Graph is a crucial aspect of the search engine’s ranking factor. The websites with the most relevant and valuable content rank at the top, and Google shows them by its knowledge graph. It also gives users a superior search experience and enables them to find all key information on the search page without requiring them to click on any of the links. If you want your business or any entity to feature on the graph, you can consider investing time and effort in creating content that will get you there. Alternatively, you can partner with a professional SEO services company that will enable you to rank higher and make it to the popular spot.